Geodecian land in Second Life

Having recently been gifted a piece of land in Second Life, I met Winston Wells to inspect this new piece of Geodecity (the grassy area in the picture above) and to start to talk about what we might do with it.

We had asked the previous owner to leave what had already been built on the land (the grey monolith in the background). However, whilst we walked, we talked about clearing the land and starting to build something more Geodecian, and so we started to build some stuff with out limited skills.

Miranda joined us, Winston brought along a fire, and we talked about Geodecian camp songs around the fire – what would a Geodecian camp song be?

Dogme Eliphas

Next SL gathering Wednesday 10th February, 20:30


Experimental Chair Meeting


We met back at the sandbox where we had finished up at the last meeting, and everyone seemed keen to experiment with different types of chair for the meeting. Above you can see myself in the foreground, and from l-r Nalen, Bonus, Buck, Ishtar, Miranda and Sailor. After we had done the chairs, some of us built things, I think Miranda was trying to make a mini-pig, others wandered, and I had a game of chess with Buck.


Whilst I was closing in on checkmate, others got bored with the sandpit and headed of to the zoo. Myself and Buck caught up with them later, and found Ishtar sat on a giraffe and whilst we had been away Ernest had caught up with the others at the zoo. After playing with the animals for a while, people started experimenting with becoming animal themselves, plenty of dragons emerged and then people struggled to get back to normal.

Dogme Eliphas

Next SL gathering Tuesday 1st September, 19:30-21:00

Forum meetings enter new chat territory

Geodecians use add on Chat

Geodecians use add on Chat

At last weeks online forum meeting the Geodecians present decided to use the Addon chat Java Chat software. This meant less refreshing the forum page throughout the meeting but less of a record of what was said. Wether it will be employed on a regular bascis remains to be seen.

Buck Eliphas

Tabards and Sandboxes

SL Meeting 040809a

… there was a bible reading chicken, there was a flying bear-cat, there were lucky chairs, there was a starchy tabard sticking out from someone’s back, there was an exploding money bag, there was dancing, there was a translator, there were mountains, there was a sandbox, there was a romantic date by the ocean, there was a box of shapes, there were floating domes, there was a fox, there were ballgowns and new hair, there was a dome jail, there was an alien insect, there was a gunshot doorbell, there was a black imp …

Miranda Linden

The next Geodecity Second Life meeting is scheduled for Thursday 20th August, at 7:30, UK time, SLurl tbc

SL Meeting 040809b

Geodecians meet in Second Life

SL Meeting 20-07-09 - Darkness Falls

Last night six Geodecians met up in Second Life, partly to see how it affected the meeting format, but also to discuss what we might want to do in SL in future. First, we thought it would be useful to set up a Geodecian group to make messaging a bit easier, and then we sat around on some giant flowers chatting about where to go next.

Second Life meeting 20-07-09 - Flower Chairs

We thought it would be great to see if we could get people who already had land to host us for spans of time, as this would reflect the RL history, and we could negotiate interesting projects that related to the situation. Building a sense of identity was also important, so after discussing some options for tabards, we decided that we would all try making one and then bring it to the next meeting to see what worked best, and allow for different options.

Miranda Linden

The next Geodecity Second Life meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 4th August, at 7:30, UK time, SLurl tbc

SL Meeting 20-07-09 - Merry-go-round

Geodecians gather for online forum


Fifteen Geodecians gathered at the online forum meeting yesterday. Amongst the topics discussed were: future forays for the project in Second Life; mass public Beachball Mini-Pig Challenge; and ‘sign-up actions’ aimed at recruiting new Geodecians, following on from the model pioneered at the DCA opening.

Keep up to date with these discussions by reading the forum archive here.

The Geodecians decided to meet next in Second Life. This meeting will take place on Monday 20th July, at 7:30pm, UK time.

The next Geodecity online forum meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 28th July, at 7:30, UK time.

Online forum, Tuesday 14th July 19:30: Decide the future of The Geodecity Project

The extended duration of the Summer Retreat allowed us to explore a number of ideas developed by the Geodecians so far. However, in order to take the project forward into new and unexplored territory we need to generate further discussion amongst the Geodecians to find the ideas that will take the project into a new phase.

To get this process started we are inviting all Geodecians to gather together on the newly created forum where we will all be able to contribute to the future direction of the project.

It is not too late to join the Geodecity Project and get involved in the forum, email to become Geodecian.